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  • This package includes the topmost level of mark-up with strict table-less CSS. After conversion of your website from PSD to HTML 5 + CSS 3, your website will also become W3C valid with HTML 5 mark-up. We at xhtmlchopper.com will do the conversion and development of your site keeping in mind the SEO semantic coding. After conversion, your website will be supported by the browsers – Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari. The loading speed of your site will also improve with the help of the Loading Speed Optimization that you will avail under this package. You will also avail the added benefit of Page Readability Improvement under this package.

    Estimated Turnaround Time: 1 Day (Applicable for single Home Page only and each inner page will require additional one day)

    The cost of per additional or inner page under this package is: $39

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